Oil paintings by Charlene Marsh to create a joyful, peaceful, harmonious, healthy, vibrant, exciting, successful environment to live and work.

Plein air oil paintings Plein air oil painting by Charlene Marsh
Plein air oil painting by Charlene Marsh
Plein air oil painting by Charlene Marsh
plein air studio oil paintings by Charlene Marsh


“absolutely beautiful, inspiring, original and brilliant!!!” ….Stan

“Dear Charlene,  Four or five years ago,while at the Saint James Court Art Show, my husband bought three of your paintings of the woods in Fall .  It took me about a year to find the perfect place to hang them in a grouping.  In October 2013, I broke my femur and was confined to the house for much of the Fall and early Winter.  From my bed I turned one way and saw your paintings; when I turned the other way, I saw the woods outside our home.  Fall is always a miraculous time when the trees fairly glow, the wood darkens, and the sky is often crystal clear.  I am always deeply touched by the beauty of that season.  You captured that so perfectly in you paintings…thank you!  It is always a joy to see those moments frozen in time.  Wishing you the best always,”  Joann M.

“I treasure my two paintings!  They hang in my living room.  Thank you for the joy they bring!”   Diane W.

“Charlene,  Marty and I love this commissioned piece. It reminds us of ours. Only this piece has more reds and yellows.  Ours has more orange and gold in it. The creek is more visible in your new piece.  We have collected a lot of art over the years. Your piece is probably our most favorite.   We absolutely love your work. You are a brilliant artist.  Go Hoosiers!!!!”  Debbie & Marty G.

“My God, that’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Stan H.

“Such great energy, light and mood in this painting. It’s special.”  Jean W.

“Hi Charlene,  You are doing a great job showing your techniques in this blog…very impressive.”  Love, Joy