Charlene Marsh has worked as a full time, professional artist her entire adult life and is passionate about bringing the beauty, the sheer joy, the wonder, the healing power of art into more people’s lives.  Charlene believes in the transformative power of art to lift the human spirit to higher levels of consciousness.

Commissioned Oil Paintings

Paintings created especially for you to enrich and enhance your living space with gorgeous fine art.

Branding and Licensing:

An authentic brand to connect with affluent people who enjoy a healthy, organic, natural, vibrant, happy lifestyle.

Live Event Painting

Conventions, trade shows, special events, private and corporate parties

Live Painting Weddings

Painting live at your wedding reception.

Workshops and Classes

Strategies for “making it” as an artist;  tips, techniques, tools for plein air and studio oil painting.


Open Gallery hours, Open Houses, Art Fairs, Art Receptions, Art Exhibitions, Demonstrations

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