About Charlene Marsh, Artist

Based in Yellowwood State Forest, Nashville, Brown County, Indiana.

Creating beautiful oil paintings that raise the energy and vibrancy of a space. 

Who is this website and blog for?

  • Art collectors who want the first opportunity to purchase new releases.
  • Authentic businesses seeking creative solutions to connect with their market.
  • Businesses and individuals wanting to learn how artwork can enrich their lives to create harmony, health, and wealth.
  • Savvy companies seeking to create an environment that fosters and enhances their own potential for success.
  • Ambitious artists seeking to learn new strategies for marketing their artwork.
  • Artists who want to learn sales techniques, how to sell on the art show circuit, online sales, and gallery sales.
  • Creatives seeking to expand their oil painting skills, plein air oil painting skills, and learn about tools, gear, supplies, tips, and techniques.

What are the benefits?

  • Invest in a collection of amazing artwork that is conducive to peace, happiness, harmony, success, health, wealth, and spiritual connection.
  • Create living spaces that are a joy to inhabit.
  • Living your best life and your dream.
  • Create an environment filled with beautiful artwork that supports your highest ideals and consciousness.
  • Connect on a heart based level with your customers, guests, family, and visitors.
  • Be able to finally make a living from your artwork.
  • Improve your painting skills learning about new tools, techniques, methods, and materials.
about Plein air oil painting by Charlene Marsh

How do I help?

  • Supplying people with creative, artistic solutions to help them in business and in their personal lives.
  • Providing creative solutions to solve your business’ artistic problems and connect with your market.
  • Present new artwork to collectors who want the first opportunity to purchase new work at the best prices.
  • Assist businesses and individuals with the selection and placement of artwork to maximize the beneficial energy in their space.
  • Inspiring people with a peek into the creative process.
  • Sharing marketing and sales strategies with artists to make a living from their artwork.
  • By sharing with artists studio and plein air painting tips and techniques, gear, supplies, tools, etc.
  • Assisting creatives to stay motivated, productive, positive, overcoming obstacles, and continuing to move forward in their lives.

Why do I share?

 I love fine art, writing, and helping people.  Therefore, painting, blogging, and helping people feeds all my passions.  Doing it online helps me to reach more people worldwide.  Many wonderful people have been very helpful to me at crucial times in my life which has allowed me to make enormous strides in all areas and I want to pay it forward.

About Charlene Marsh:  My Story 

(at least part of it — the rest would take a book!)

I started painting as a kid using the leftover paints from my sister’s paint-by-number kit. 

I used the cardboard from my Dad’s shirt boards that came from my grandparents’ commercial laundry as my painting supports.  My Dad used to call me “Van Gogh” and, now, many collectors compare my work to Van Gogh’s paintings.

Ironically, it turns out I had more in common with Vincent Van Gogh than I thought. 

In 2008, I was diagnosed with chronic, systemic, cellular level, carbon monoxide(CO) poisoning which Van Gogh also suffered from.  Van Gogh was poisoned by the unvented gas lights when he moved into the Yellow House in Arles at the turn of the 19th century.  While I am not exactly sure how I was poisoned, luckily, once I was diagnosed, it was easily curable by going on oxygen for four months.

As a result of the CO poisoning, in addition to horrible headaches and flu-like symptoms, I had an extreme sensitivity to sight, sound, color, light, smell, touch, chemicals, food, etc.  Or, as the man who diagnosed me said, “The good thing is, it made you a really good artist.”  We joked that the whole impressionistic movement was borne from CO poisoning after the introduction of unvented gas appliances at the turn of the 19th century.

But the carbon monoxide poisoning wasn’t the only factor making me hypersensitive.

Remember the old Star Trek episode titled The Empath?  In case you don’t remember it or never saw it, the empath, Gem, took on the pains and ills of others, absorbing other people’s negative energies, to her own detriment.  That’s me. I also seem to just “know” things and pick up info that flies under the radar.  Large crowds of people overwhelmed me, leaving me exhausted and in pain.

The challenge was to learn to transmute the energies into positive manifestations without being hurt in the process.

Over many years, physical, emotional, and spiritual avenues were all explored.  Through the years, I consulted doctors, naturopaths, a medical intuitive, a medical medium (now, he is insanely popular with the stars and author of two NY Times best sellers), astrologers, a face reader, a practitioner of Deep Body Based Emotional Release techniques, doctors who practice Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, masseuses who knew reflexology and trigger point therapy.

Additionally, I studied and practiced yoga, circular breathing, massage, chakras, grounding and shielding techniques, meditation, walking meditation, feng shui, geomancy, sacred geometry, long hikes in the forest(now popularly  called “forest bathing”), swimming, weight training, visualization, positive thinking, and prayer.

At various times, I ate a macrobiotic diet, a vegetarian diet, a vegan diet, an organic diet, a raw food diet, and nutritional supplements.

Eventually, I re-embraced the Christian faith of my youth.  Today, I feel pretty good eating an organic, high raw food diet and walking daily in the forest.

After graduating from Indiana University/Bloomington with degrees in Fine Arts and English, I began working as a full time artist, exhibiting and selling my artworks nationally and internationally.

For twenty five years, I developed the dye formulas and hand dyed wool yarn and tufted it onto a cotton backing making large figurative, narrative pieces featuring sacred geometry, yoga, chakra imagery, animals, angels and demons, in shifting, Chagall-like perspectives. All the while, I painted part time.  In 2006, I gave up the fiber work and went full time into painting.

Today, my artwork is in thousands of private, corporate, and museum collections throughout the world winning countless awards and grants.  I have taught art to all ages, given painting demonstrations, and served as a guest artist and artist in residence at local art centers, state institutions, and in the public schools.

Please see my Curriculum Vitæ for details about my professional achievements.

Since 1987, I have lived on a small farm surrounded by a beautiful, peaceful, quiet forest that nourishes the soul and provides a clean, healthy environment to thrive and create soul inspiring art.

Over the years, I have raised horses, dogs, cats, chickens, cockatiels, parakeets, and nursed the occasional wild animal.  I maintain gardens of vegetables, fruits, and flowers on my lovely farm.  I thrive in a peaceful, beautiful environment and strive to transmute the beauty into the artworks I create.

Imagine driving into a city

where the entry way is filled with medians full of weeds and trash and broken glass.   You would want to drive past that and right back out of town as fast as you could while quickly rolling up the windows and locking the doors!  Contrast that with a city full of flowers and fountains and beautiful statues!  You would feel great being in that environment, wanting to linger and explore.

Artwork feels good!

Gorgeous artwork in our homes and working spaces can transform how we feel and how well we perform by raising our spirits, our emotions, our thoughts, and our very physical health.

Creating beautiful artworks for people that raise the vibrational frequency of our living spaces to a level congruent with peace, love, harmony, joy, health, and wealth are what I live for.

Contact me today to find out how you can bring more beauty, more happiness, and more harmony into your life by purchasing or commissioning an artwork, scheduling a live painting performance, licensing the artwork to enhance your brand, or learning how to paint for yourself.

Telephone:  812-988-4497 or Email:  Char@CharleneMarsh.com

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enrich your life and bring beautiful artworks into your living space.

Hebrews 11 verse 1:  “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

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