Do you love Brown County*?

Is a uniquely Brown County wedding* experience on your wish list?

Are you wanting to create a special, memorable experience for your wedding guests?

Do you want a beautiful memento of your wedding day?

Charlene creates magic painting on site, live, and she can enrich your wedding reception by entertaining and engaging your guests with a unique and memorable experience. 

Working quickly, the artist uses palette knives to complete a painting in just hours.  You can select an “inspiration painting” that reflects the season of your wedding or a favorite scene.  You can see a catalog of paintings HERE.

Packages that include a finished painting or gifts and mementos for the bridal party, family, and guests are available.

What you can expect:

  • Charlene Marsh is a seasoned professional who shows up early, brings all her own tools and equipment, and will leave the site tidy and clean.  Any problems that may arise are solved quickly, on the fly.
  • Charlene uses techniques and materials that are non-toxic, with no fumes or odors.
  • She’s reliable, personable, great with people, and possesses a talent that keeps everyone’s attention.
  • You and your guests will be happy.  Charlene’s job is to make you look good and you can count on her to do just that.

Charlene is a full time, professional artist who has lived in Brown County since 1987. She specializes in painting the forest in all four seasons working both “en plein air”(on location) and in the studio.  She has sold over 3000 oil paintings worldwide, traveling to hundreds of shows throughout the USA, winning numerous awards and grants along the way.   You can see her CV HERE.

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  Telephone:  812-988-4497 or Email:

*Charlene can also travel outside Brown County to your wedding location. 

Brown County Wedding Live Painting Event