Charlene is an experienced and gifted teacher working with children and adults, beginners and seasoned artists.

She has created a lifestyle she loves around artwork, blogging, daily hikes in the forest with her dogs, growing organic gardens, and trail riding with her horses.

Charlene loves to share her knowledge and techniques in workshops, classes, and private lssons to help inspire others to achieve their dreams, too.

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Making it as an Artist

Charlene is a seasoned professional who knows the art business, art fairs, and how to sell fine art.  She loves to share her marketing and sales strategies with other hopeful artists so they, too, can be inspired to live their dream.

  • Sales techniques and strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Collecting leads and emails
  • Booking commissions
  • Business cards, rack cards
  • Successful jury images
  • Selecting and rating shows
  • Display walls
  • Canopies
  • Hanging systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Dress for success
  • Art show etiquette
  • Conquering fear
  • and more!

Painting Workshops, Classes, Lectures

  • Plein air oil painting in all four seasons
  • Painting the forest
  • Studio oil painting
  • Capturing the spirit and energy of a place
  • Discovering your own unique voice
  • Painting with a palette knife
  • Painting without any toxic mediums
  • Color Mixing and Color Theory
  • Value studies
  • Support panels preparation
  • Figure painting and gestural sketches
  • Tapping into your creativity
  • Photographing your artwork
  • Beginner classes to advanced

  • Custom designed for your audience

  • Charlene will travel to your location

  • Private lessons starting at $40/hour.

Visit her Curriculum Vitae to see the details of her experience.

Contact Charlene today to find out how she can help you achieve your creative vision.
Telephone: 812-988-4497 or Email:
plein air studio oil paintings by Charlene Marsh 011216 12x12 _plein_air_oil_painting_charlene_marsh_frozen_beauty

Charlene has personally closed sales of original fine art ranging in price from $45 to $26,000.

She has sold over 3000 paintings since 2006 and, before that, exhibited and sold fiber artworks in art galleries, art centers, and museums since 1979.

Charlene has been exhibiting on the art fair show circuit for nearly twenty years marketing and selling her artwork.  Before entering the traveling art show circuit, she exhibited in art galleries, art centers, and museums since 1979.  She also exhibits and sells her paintings in her gallery, Charlene Marsh Studio and Gallery, in Brown County, Indiana.  In 2015, Charlene began selling her artwork online.

Charlene exhibited in countless museum and art center shows and commercial art galleries before opening her own gallery and starting on the show circuit.  She has been awarded more than ten regional and national grants and hundreds of show awards.  See her CV for details.

She has traveled throughout the United States to shows in

Dallas, Houston, Denver, Minneapolis, Miami, Atlanta, Virginia Beach, Jackson, MS, Chicago, Saint Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Bloomington, IN, Louisville, Washington, D.C. Metro area including Fairfax, VA and Alexandria, VA, White Plains, NY, Des Moines, Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids, IA, Nashville, TN, Madison, WI, Charlevoix, MI, and points in between.

Charlene has taught students of all ages from children to seasoned citizens

in a wide variety of settings including public schools, art centers, museums, state parks, historic sites, and more.  She has been interviewed by countless publications, radio stations and television stations and enjoys speaking publicly.

Charlene set up her first website in 1997 using Frontpage software with a dial up internet connection.

The only internet connection in her remote Brown County studio remained dial up for the next fifteen years.  Finally, the technology came up with a great satellite connection that she used for the next five years greatly expanding her ability to present her artwork via the internet to a worldwide audience.  Then in late 2017, fiber optic broadband came to her studio and she is looking forward to better serving her national and international following.

Her joy and enthusiasm for creating, exhibiting, selling, and teaching fine art to bring beauty and joy to people is contagious!

You can visit her Curriculum Vitae to see details of her experience.

Book her today by calling 812-988-4497 or emailing